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PKB Fit, LLC is the developer of the world’s first sandbag-meets-kettlebell. The early success of this product with the US Military encouraged us to spread the word domestically and abroad. We’re committed to continuing to build on this success and introducing ground-breaking tools for portable, on-the-go weight training.

What our clients have said about us:

“PKB has solved a problem that has hindered the growth of kettlebells for decades. Not only has PKB solved this problem, but they’ve created an even better product to boot.”

Phil Black, Navy SEAL (retired)
Founder of FitDeck

“The PKB is very well constructed and most importantly to us, very light!”

Capt. William Shields
U.S. Army

“The workout is about the same as a regular kettle bell — more comfortable on cleans and a bit less stable on swings. It does not risk damaging wood and tile floors, as regular iron kettle bells do.”

Roy Wallack, Writer
LA Times

2016 “The Traveling Man’s Essential Fitness Equipment”

Ben Radding, Writer
Editor’s Pick/ Men’s Health Magazine

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